Tuesday, 18 February 2014

train mein choda

train mein choda

this is ajay from dehradoon.. i m a fan of iss and this is the first time i m submiting my first sexual experience with all my reader friends.

this incidence happened some 1 yr back. i belong to dehradoon but i m working in gurgaon in a mnc. i use to visit my place once in a while. this episode happened when i was returning fron my home to delhi by train. this train leaves my place in night and reaches delhi in morning.

on that lucky night, i had boarded the train and was sitting on side lower seat of a sleeper compartment..and train was about to leave when a cute but seductive gal came to my side and said, “excuse me.. can u help me”. i asked her what she wants.

she said that i m a engineering student in delhi, and i had to go back today, but i haven’t got a confirmed ticket. she was looking confused. she said that she had to reach in morning coz she cant afford to miss her class.. i asked what can i do for u? she said will u allow me to just sit on ur seat.. she had such a expression on her face that my spontaneous reply was…. ya of course..

she smiled back, kept her luggage under the seat and sat by side of my feet..

that was start of my lucky night actually. she asked about me. i told that i m an engineer as well.. she smiled back.. we chatted a little bit then i lied down properly on my seat so that i can sleep.. dont know y but she also assumed a comfortable pose on that seat.. she placed her feet above and the way she was sitting, her heavy butts were touching my feet.. that was sending a thrill down my body.. i thought of enjoying this thrill a little bit more.. so i moved my foot a little bit more in touch with her butts.. she suddenly moved a bit.. but to my surprise she adjusted herself so that she sat on my foot literally.. i mean her butt was totally on my feet and she started pressing my foot with force..

i gained courage seeing this..i saw her face, she had closed her eyes pretending that she was asleep..

i had a sheet along with me.. without moving my feet from under her butts, i took out that sheet from my bag and spread it over my self

this way i also covered her feet under that sheet,, slowly i took my hand closer to her foot.. touched it and within no time started massaging and then pressing her foot hard..

she was enjoying every bit of it.. so was i..

now i was in a hurry to proceed.. she was wearing a salwar so i took my hand inside that,, moving i n in and in.. i was about to reach her pussy.. but was not able to due to distance between us

then i started moving my foot from under her butt and took it closer to her boobs.. i pressed her boobs with my feet first from outside and then i put my foot inside her jumper

my foot was over her boob which was just bra covered,, but i was dying for more..

suddenly an idea came in my mind.. i stopped all the activity and suddenly sat on my seat.. i knew she will look at me now..

i signed her to get up and move to toilet.. so she did

we both moved to the toilet..

i was like in a hurry to tear away he clothes..

but still i managed to remove them one by one

first was salwar.. then jumper.. then i unhooked her bra and then lowered her panty.. now she opened my jeans lowered it down and then lowered my undie.. she smiled looking at my dick.. it was full 7″ by then ..

she started rubbing it with her hand.. but i didnt waste to waste any time

i suddenly rubbed her pussy with my fingers.. took my dick close and in that standing pose only… i gave a full blown thrust….

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. she was just getting loud when i took her lips inside mine..

my go she was so tight,,, afte rall she was a virgin.. so it took my full efforts to go inside her.. but finaly i succeeded.. both of us were moving our bodies and to add train was helping in to move a little bit more..in heat of moment i came inside her.. both of us felt ultimate orgasm.. we dressed up quckly and got out of toilet and went back to our seat.. and kept on playing games with each other whole night..


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