Tuesday, 18 February 2014

sex with sisters

sex with sisters

Hi this is my first story. I am Rishi I am 25Male with 8′long& mota 2.5′ my mail I’d Perfectmatchmaker82@yahoo.com. This is my real story.Any female 18-55 years can contact (Kanpur(U.P.) This is near about 8 year in past . My home is next to my mama’s home first I want

to tell you about my their family my mama 58 maami 52 elder sis 25 middle one 21 last one 17 I am one an only son of my family in my family my mom dad and one sis she is 21 .

At that time mai muth mar na jaann ta tha mai apne 4 sis ko remember kar kai muth marta tha.

Kai baar meri mama ki ladkiya come to sleep in my home because hum kanpur mai transfer ho kai tha . One night I make a plan and mai nahi sooya or kareeb 2 am par 2 room mai gaya all my 2sis r sleeping one my real sis other is middle sis namer Ritu. First I make sure she is sleeping then I put my hand over her kurta aand feel her choochi her choochi was marvalous & not so hard and not so soft I fell very hard inside my pajama . My lund is just like hot iron . Then I put my lund in hand make muth by her hand . Then I back to my room and try to sleep but I am unable to sleep whole night .

After few month when she woke up early in the morning for her collage she use to take bath at that time I use to peep in her bath room and do hand satisfaction.

One day I was alone in my home or mai muth maar raha tha tabhi I got an idea ki mai Ritu ko chod sakta hu. One day I know that she will stay in my home so I purchased some blue film cd , sleeping pills,vigora1000 and collect some big size ants.

Now when my mom preparing food I mix all sleeping pill in dal and I go to bed at 8 pm . Near about 10 pm my mom call me for food but I said I m not feeling good.

When she came to my home my family just is going to take dinner but she don’t want to eat but I know that she will take sweets. I mix 2.5 vigora in sweet for her. After dinner near in 30 min. My whole family is in deep sleep . First I move to my dad’s bed room cheak my plan is on going on right way then next to my sis room but when I reached in her room I know that she is sleeping but not in deep

I came back to my room I set blue film in my tv and remove all my clothes except my under wear then go back to her room and I manage all ant on her and I watch her with in 3min ants doing my job ants bite her now she stand up from bed and I know she will go to bathroom for change her cloths. My room is in the way of bathroom .

I back to my room I placed a small size mirror on my cd player so I can only see at door . When she is inside bathroom I knock door for 4to 5 times and back to my room with in no time she came out from bathroom in same dress now she surprise that their is no one so who knock the door she see my rooms light is on so she come to my room I sat nude on floor my gand is toward her face . Now she shocked to see bf and I am busy in muth

But I can see her in mirror that she is their now I making noice meri randi Ritu mera lund tere chut k lia ……. Ooooooooh aaaaaaah uuuuuuuuuuuf rand take my lund in ur mouth. I know now pills starts its work . With in no time I saw she rub her both legs . Then I shout loudly randi ki beti apne chut mai kab tak fingers ,candle dala gi madarchod. Maami meri randi tu to roj mera lund se apne chut tandi karti hai teri ladkiya kab chude gai .

I still watch in mirror now she rub her choochi with her hand now I turn back to her . Now our eyes meet . Now show that I was shocked I pulled her in my room and say sorry please kisi ko mat batana .

She slapped me and sach sach batao ki tum meri maa ko ……… I said please beet me but donot tell to any one. I will promise u then to show her I locked the door. I am totally nude right now also bf is also running.

She again ask me about her maa but I know she is ready for sex but I want that she will start.

Me:- I said but u feel bad.

She:- agar tum bola nahi to mai tumhari report teri maa se ker do gi {she see my lund/movie also cont. And with her legs she rub her chut }

Me:- teri baap teri maa ko chod nahi pataa hai. Teri maa ne ek dinn ”leav it”

She:- tell me every thing I will leave u or…………….

ME:- ok but first I have a problem


ME:- my lund want to discharge so pkease after 2 hour I will tell u

SHE:- I want to know right now

ME:- so if u don’t mind help me

SHE:- what help?

ME:-if u give me ur hand only

SHE:- Today I will give u any thing because I want to know about my mother . So what can I do for u

ME:-just hold my lund

SHE:- whaat iss ”LUND”

ME:-Saali randi ki lund matlab this

SHE:- ok I will do it

ME:- so hold it .

When she hold my lund I got a shock. After 5min I put my thumb of leg rub to her chut now I said can I touch ur choochi

SHE:- what is choochi ?

ME:-ur breast

SHE:- ok

Now I know I fuck her tonight . I press her choochi from her clothes now she also making sexy noice aaaaaaah aaaaaaah ooooooooh uuuuuuuuuuuf what a new experience for me


Maa apni chut mai candle daal kar apne chut ki aag

Bhujha rahi thi at that time

I catch her red handed . Teri maa ke gand fhat gai. At this time she open her cloths now she want fuck also(Ritu) wo mujh se bolI

Please kisi ko mat batana to mai ne us ki choochi dabadi or bola randi take my lund I fuck her from that daytill now.

Now Ritu is fully nude in front of me now I lick her chut . We r in 69 .fir maine uski chut or apne lund par cold cream lagai fir bohot aaram se lund uski chut mai dala

SHE:-ooooooooh noooooooo please leave me maiiiiiiiiiiii marrrrrrrrrrr gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

ME:-bas 10min fir kawal maza

SHE:- ok

In that time I suck her choochi very hard

ME:-how r u?

SHE:- quit relife


Then I increase my speed. After a time being she feels a little bit relax.

That night I fuck her 4 times in that night.





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