Monday, 17 February 2014

Savita Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi

Savita wore a red half sari and was flicking channels of the TV while she sat on the sofa. She’s looked bored and yawned loudly.

“Yawn… I’m so bored! Ashok is off on his office trip and the twins are visiting their parents.”-”I wonder what I will do during this weekend.”

When suddenly her phone lying on the table in front of her started ringing.


“Oh Vedant! How are you?” spoke Savita into the phone.

“Bhabhi, I called to ask you whether you’d like to come to the beach tomorrow? You promised me to go a few weeks ago?” replied Vedant with an excited voice.

“Of course I do? But I don’t have a bikini right now.”

“Don’t worry bhabhi. I’ve got the perfect bikini picked out for you. Just drop by my apartment tomorrow morning.”

Savita put the phone back on the table and grinned mischievously. The mention of the beach brought back fond memories to Savita.

“I haven’t been to the beach since my Goa trip!”-”But I wonder why we must go to the beach when we can fuck all day at his apartment instead?” muttered Savita to herself with a smile on her face.

Vedant’s Apartment – Saturday Morning

The next day Savita reached Vedant’s apartment wearing a sleeveless Salwar Kameez with a deep neckline. When she heard what Vedant’s plan for the day was she frowned nervously and thought for a moment. She shook her head and turned away from him.

“No Vedant, I can’t do that! What if someone recognizes me?”

“Please bhabhi; none of my friends believe that I fucked a girl and this is the only way to prove it.” pleaded Vedant while holding Savita’s hand and pulling her towards him.

“What if they find out I’m married? It’s too risky!” replied Savita with a frown.

Vedant however was not going to take no for an answer.

“Pretend to be my girlfriend just for a day. Please… please bhabhi; you promised!”

Savita had a confused expression as if she was giving it a lot of thought. Finally she gave in to Vedant’s pleading and agreed to his plan. Vedant gave an excited shout and then hugged her happily.

“Yahoo… I’ve kept your clothes in the bedroom. Go change and then we’ll leave.”

But when Savita went into the room and looked at the tiny bikini Vedant had picked out she knew that the day was not going to be as simple as Vedant said it would be.

“He wants me to wear THIS to the beach!”-”He is Bade Saheb’s brother after all; kinkiness must run in his blood.” thought Savita with a small smile as she picked up the tiny red bikini. But she knew that she had promised Vedant and therefore wore the titillating red bikini without any complaint. As she inspected how she looked in the full size mirror in his bedroom she smiled at the thought of the expressions of the men on the beach when they saw her dressed like this.

At the Beach…

Three nerdy looking guys were sitting under a large umbrella and checking out the hot girls that walked by in bikinis. None of the girls gave so much as a fleeting look in their direction.

“Where is Vedant? He was supposed to bring his ‘hot girlfriend’ with him today.” said Jai.

“Ha-ha… I’ve been trying to get laid my whole life and still no luck.”-”and he says that he fucked a hot older woman. No way!” said Tanuj with a grin.

“Munch…Here he comes and he’s alone as expected. I knew he was lying!” said Golu as he pointed towards Vedant walking towards them all alone.

As Vedant walked up to his friends they slapped him on the arm playfully and asked him about his girlfriend. None of them had believed his story earlier and none did now.

“So where’s your girlfriend Vedant? Did you forget to bring her?” asked Jai.

“Don’t tease him Jai. Maybe Vedant fucked her too hard last night in his dreams so she’s tired.” teased Tanuj.

“Don’t worry guys. She’s just running a little late.” said Vedant and smiled smugly. His friends did not know what he had planned.

“Oh drop the act Vedant. We know you made up that story.”-”You are still a virgin like the rest of us.” said Golu and patted him on his arm consolingly.

Vedant however grinned and looked over their shoulders behind them. He waved with his hand and looked towards his friends with a smug smile.

“If I made her up then who is the hot girl standing behind you?” said Vedant and as he said this Savita’s voice made the boys turn to look behind them.

“Hi Jaanu…Sorry I’m late.” said Savita excitedly.

All three guys’ faces had shocked looks as they turned to look over their shoulders and let out a collective “Huh!!!” when they saw Savita.

“NO WAY!” said Jai with eyes wide open and his jaw dropped in shock.

“Wow” said Golu as he dropped the potato chip that he was about to put in his open mouth.

“Impossible…” thought Tanuj stunned by Savita’s beauty.

All three guys just stared dumbly as Savita walked over towards Vedant and into his arms. Vedant kissed her neck while hugging her from behind and looked towards his buddies with a grin.

“So guys; still don’t believe me?” said Vedant.

Will Vedant’s friends really believe that Savita is actually Vedant’s older girlfriend? And what if one of them discovers Savita’s secret that she is married? And what more does Vedant have planned for the day? All we can be sure of is that it will involve a lot of steamy hot sex. You wouldn’t want to miss this sexy issue with Savita prancing around in the bikini on the beach. So Join to read the complete story today.


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