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My Bhabhi Hot Story

My Bhabhi Hot Story

Hi. I am in my early 40′s well built 5’8 and crazy for mature women. This story is about my beautiful sister in law who is of my age and married to my cousin brother. She is 5’2 fair looking short hairs and full of flesh at right place otherwise fit as fiddle. She has great boobs of 36+ size to my knowledge which would make any man crazy. It is her boobs which attract me towards her. She wears tight fitting bras and blouses which make her boobs all the more apparent and jutting out of her clothes. I don’t know if she does it on purpose or it is innocent but whatever it would make a man squirm in his pants just thinking what she is holding back

I was always attracted towards her but the relationship was cold and it was only on some social occasions we would meet formally. So all her sexuality was in my mind and Viagra for me when I thought about sex

There was a marriage in our family as one of my other cousin was getting married and we had assembled for the marriage in another city. We were all put up in a hotel and the marriage ceremony was to be held in the hotel and reception at a nearby place. The Indian marriage would bring best out of any women and this marriage was no exception and all women including my sister in law wore best of the outfits and was looking absolutely stunning in here ghaghra and choli ( traditional Indian wedding dress ) . It looked that the outfit was many years old and quite tight fit for us as she must have grown in size since those years so her curves was all the more distinct and pronounced. My wife and my cousin brother ( her husband ) could not go for the marriage so we were all alone except for other cousins and their parents

The marriage ceremony passed off but the after math continued as normal in all marriage . Others still had energy left but for me I was tired and wanted to rest so I decided to go back and rest in my rooms. I also walking back and found her on the way and it looked that she was also very tired and had decided to go back. Our rooms were adjacent so we both went up alone in the lift and it was a quiet journey alone but I could feel her smell all around and she was disheveled after a long day and many rituals she had to take part in the marriage.

We reached our floor and walked to our rooms. When she reached her room she realized that she had left the key card inside and accidently locked the rooms and there was no intercom nearby to call housekeeping for new key card. It was quite late and hotel was nearly deserted so I asked her to come to my room and call housekeeping or reception and ask for the key card to bought up. She agreed as there was no choice and we both went inside our room . She called the reception and housekeeping but it kept on ringing as there was no one so we decided to try a some time

I asked her to make herself comfortable while I changed and she told that it is all right. I went to the bathroom to change my suit and put on my shorts and t shirt which I normally wear when I sleep . When I came out after changing I saw her making tea from the tea maker kept inside the room and she asked him If I would like to have some tea or coffee . I said I would love to have tea after such a tiring day . She told me that she was also very tired and had no energy left in her and that is why she decided to come back and rest but now with no room keys she was little irritated . I asked her to relax and that she can rest in my room till we find someone who can help us with duplicate keys

We quietly had our tea and started to talk on the marriage and she started to open up on her views about the marriage and other cousins . Gradually we started conversing with each other and discussing family and other common things . It made her easy and comfortable like never before as we found lot of common ground to discuss. The stress and irritation started to give away and she became very relaxed from her initial formal gestures . I could see her trying to make herself comfortable by adjusting and readjusting her wedding clothes as they were very uncomfortable . The time seem to fly and we realized that we had to look for the duplicate key. I told her that I will go down and find someone to get duplicate key since it was late and she can relax in my room . I went down but there was no one in reception except security guard who was of no help . He told me that only in morning I will be able to get the duplicate keys

I came back to my room and found it to be locked . I rang the bell but no one opened . I waited for some time and again rang the bell and she opened the gate . To my surprise I found that she had removed her wedding clothes and put on the bathing gown which was available in the room. I was staring at her and she realized and told me that she was feeling very uncomfortable in her wedding clothes and therefore decided to use the bathroom gown for time being . I informed her that there was no change of getting the duplicate key till morning . I proposed that I go to my other cousins room while she could sleep in my room. She refused and told it is all right and that we will use the couch while I can sleep on the bed . Being a man I told that she should use the bed and I will all right on the couch as it was a matter of hours. It resulted in friendly argument as it was about taking care of each other and she ordered that we could share the bed as there was no one to know and it would be a experience of a life time

I did not realize what she meant but it was late and I was also groggy after a hectic day and instead of arguing further we decided to share the bed and sleep . There was no additional blanket so we had to share the blanket and I dozed out off in matter of minutes .I was woken from slumber I don’t know after how much time by someone tingling on my ears. I had some sleep and my nerves were relaxed . It was her tingling my ears like I was her boy and I found her staring at me in the darkness of night . I had woken up and asked her if everything was all right and she did not reply but continued to tingle by ears like I was her kid or something .

I patted her back and told her to sleep but found her eyes moist and her stare impregnating into me . She then kissed me on the fore head and then on the cheeks . Then she pulled me close to her . It was getting physical now and all my memories of her as a desire flooded my mind and pumped up the alder nine inside me . I could feel erection in my shorts and decided to throw caution to winds and go ahead and live my dreams tonight She had pulled me towards her and my head was between her breasts and I started messaging her breasts with my head . I could feel the flesh all over my face and it was better than even penetration . She did not stop and I did not stop and we were all over each other in few minutes. I could not see in the darkness but the touch was enough for me . We continue to caress each other and then without any notice she turned away . I could not understand but given the delicate relationship we shared I decided to let it go as it might have been on impulse and she might have realized that it was not good for our relationship

I could not sleep and kept on thinking about what had happened and how it would affect my relationship with her . In the morning I got a call from reception and they send the duplicate keys and she went to her room without saying a word . Now I was at edge and feeling guilty of what had happened the last night

I slept for the whole day without realizing that I had to go the marriage reception. My room was locked so other cousins thought maybe I have already left and they all left . I woke with constant ringing of my phone and when I picked up it was her . She just asked me if I did not want to go the reception as it was getting late . I replied sheepishly that I was getting ready and will go in some time . She told me to get ready and call her as she wanted to go together. I was little relived by her remarks and encouraged that she had taken no offence for yesterday’s events so I got ready quickly and called her in her room .

She opened the gate asked to me to come inside as she was still getting ready . I saw that she was only wearing her petticoat and blouse and applying cosmetics prior to wearing her heavy stuff again . I could see her sexy body all over . I sat down on the sofa and started reading the newspaper without even looking at her . She asked me to help her with her dress and put laces and pins in places as it was not possible do it alone. Even though ladies normally help each other with such things I helped her and she got ready and we both took the car to the reception place which is a distance away

She simply walked away from me as if nothing had happened and soon we both got lost in our social niceties or meeting and greeting people as happens in most of the wedding . The dinner was on the table and most of us were looking at taking our dinner as marriage was already over and we all had flights to catch early morning. I was not hungry as such and as loitering around and found her walking towards me . She asked me why I was not having my dinner and I told her that I was not hungry . She told that even she was not hungry as she had too much to eat and since we was very diet conscious to maintain her body could we go back to our hotel .

I was excited and confused at the same time . I could not make out what she was up to but I was in no position to say NO to her so like a lame duck I trudged with her to go back to our hotel . She had become very authoritative and commanding in her tone and walk as if almost guiding me . We took a hired car and started back to our hotel .

We reached back our hotel and walked to our rooms . Her room was first and she opened her room and ordered me to help her with her clothes . I was being almost treated like to small kid who had to listen to each command. I went inside and she asked me to remove the laces from her blouse and pins which attach the wedding gown to her blouse . I removed each one of them and she started removing her gown and exposing her beautiful body and soon as back in just petticoat and blouse . She asked me again if I would like to have tea and without even my saying yes or no she proceeded to prepare tea and asked me to sit in the sofa.

She came back with one cup of tea for me and sat right beside me. In her petticoat and blouse she was raising the pressure inside me . I could see her pronounced boobs inside her fitting blouse and to be honest it was like paradise . I took a sip and kept the cup and to my surprise she took the same cup and had her sip . The message was clear that she wanted to share and it was up to me now as a man in charge

I did not wait and it was a once in life time opportunity to fuck my sexy sister in law . I started kissing her on the sofa and caressing her boobs with both my hands . She allowed me without any resistance and she my all mine. I lifted her and put her on the bed and gradually removed her blouse without removing her petticoat . I wanted to have all her boobs by myself. I continue playing with boobs and sucking her nipples . One thing led to another and soon we are doing one act after another .

She then pinned me to the bed and removed by clothes and took my dick in our mouth. It kept on sucking it till I came all over her . I was completely drained out as all my semen was out and I had no energy left in me so I just cuddled inside her and slept .

I work up after a few hours little relaxed and charged again and found her sleeping . She was a work of art and I would have been a fool not to appreciate it completely . I started kissing her and then climbed on top of her forcing my dick in her vagina . I pumped with all my energy and put all my semen inside her . I was feeling at top of world with my wonderful sister in law below me and my dick deep inside her. She used both her legs to pull me inside her and made me come again and again till I was drained of last drop in my dick . She kissed me gently and went to sleep . I slept like a horse who had won the derby


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