Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mausi Ki Chut

Mausi Ki Chut

I’m a 23yrs old guy 5’11” fair well built physic and studying in Kolkata my dick size 8 inches and2.5 thick .. and the story I’m posting is what happened to me last month. I had gone with my family along with my aunt (Mausi) for a holiday trip to Dehoghar, One of my fathers friend had a Garden house there so we all went there,

we all were having a lovely time and I never had any thoughts of sex, it all began one night when we had to sleep and so it was decided that my aunt and all kids will sleep on the bed and the others on the floor, to add to my luck my aunt slept next to me at one corner of the bed in a

sari. Everyone had slept and I was still awake and then I saw my aunty sleeping with her butt (Ass) facing me, suddenly I was aroused with the look of it, as though giving me an invitation, I was having mixed feeling both scared and horny….

My aunt has a beautiful figure she is fair, 5’5, 34-30-36, just that she is 32yrs but has a look of 22yrs… So I some how gathered courage and then I put my arms around her stomach and my leg over her butt as though holding her and my dick was over her ass and slowly I started

rubbing my dick over her butt. Suddenly she took my hand from her stomach and kept it over her boobs and was holding it there, I was shocked so I just kept quite for some time and then after a few min’s I slowly began squeezing her boobs,

after some time she turned toward me and said do you want it? I was shit scared coz we come from a conservative family and if she complains my dad will kill me. She then said in a soft voice don’t be scared.. So I got some hope and I shook my head.

She slowly opened one by one her blouse button and I then knew she wasn’t wearing a bra… and her big melons just jumped out… they were equally happy as me, I guess to be free and me to suck them.. as I sucked them vigorously she took my dick in her hand and and started giving

me a hand job, and when I was about to come I pulled out her hand and my pants got the splash….. We had to end the night there, with so many people around us. But then this was just the beginning, of our relationship.

We then came back home after our lovely trip, but now I was really hungry for my aunt and I was looking for and chance to sleep with my aunt. I didn’t have to wait long within a month she came to our house to stay and coz I stay alone in a room she choose to sleep with me,

no one doubted or suspected anything. I was over joyed and was eagerly waiting for the night to fall and we go to bed…. At 11pm we were all set to sleep she came to my room looking like a sex goddess in lovely red sari and transparent blouse without bra,

her boobs were just waiting to jump out, she slowly bolted the door and then came and slept beside me… she half removed her saree, that’s is she just removed her pallu and then I was left with her breast wanting to be freed of the stuffy blouse…

I began smooching her and fondling her breast and then took my chance and slowly removed her blouse…and then from her red lips I moved down to her breast and began to suck them hard one by one, as my mouth was busy working on her boobs, my hands moved down to her legs,

slowly reveling her slim and sexy legs. She was also busy playing with my rod, then I found how hungry she was for sex. She removed my shorts and by then I had reached her pussy, I started rubbing it and she was now into a new world.. she began to moan ….

Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh come on ….come on dear and her hand was now moving fast on my dick. I then put my mouth in her pussy and began sucking it, her hand moved from my dick to my head and she was pressing me in and now the moan had become louder…..waahhhhhh wahhhhh do it more u r agreat sucker aman

ahhhhh ahhhhhh….. oh my little devil come on give your aunt a little happiness… fuck me hard… I’m all yours…… I then took my 8 inch dick and put it in her pussy and then started rubbing it on her pussy slowly she became mad and started shivering and told me plz put it n my pussy I am dying to have it plz plzz aman give it to my pussy plzz and then I thought tat ths is d rite time and I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy she was 32 but still her pussy was bit tight I guess her husbands cock was smaller than me or she was not fucked much after she gave d birth to her children ok wateveh I started pumping her, she was now enjoying it so much that she began pressing her own boobs

and this got me more excited and it was banging her more hard, and then after 25 min I felt a hot gush of fluid hitting me, she then took my dick in her mouth and sucking it…. and then I came on her, in a flash there was a splash of cum over her….. she was so happy and relieved,

she kissed me for a long time and then she said you are a lovely kid and you know how to please your aunt…. this was the first time.. After that I only had time with my aunt when ever we could I’ll write about them in my next post..

I’m student frm Kolkata my name is aman I get a lot of opportunity but, I don’t mix my professional life with personal. Everyone likes sex and want to enjoy it, so lets not be sarcastic about it. And if any one frm Kolkata any virgin or non virgin gals want my dick inside her she kan contact me married or divorced ladies are also welcum frm 16 to 30 … tell me how u like my story on mileage100@gmail.com and u can also contact me on this id to get my service I don’t charge fr it its free … coz sex is a rite of ours n we suld hav it.. privay 1000 percent assured love u all urs aman


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