Friday, 17 May 2013

No, I’m Santa Singh

One Time Santa Was Relaxing At A Beach In America.
A Man Came And Asked Him: “Are You Relaxing?
Santa Replied: “No, I’m Santa Singh
The Man Went From There.
After 5 Minutes Another Man Came And Asks Santa: “Are You Relaxing?
Santa Said: “No-No, I’m Santa Singh
He Got Angry And Left That Place.
He Went Further And Watched A Man Laying (Relaxing).
He Asked Him: “Are You Relaxing?
The Man Replied: “Yes
Santa Slaped Him And Said: “Tu Sale Idhar Gand Marwa Raha Hai, Aur Log Tujhe Waha Dhundte Fir Rahe Hai


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