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Kalpana New Sex Life In Bangalore

Kalpana New Sex Life In Bangalore 

My name is Kalpana 32 years old, fair and 5.4 feet with little extra pounds. I was born and brought up in Mangalore and got married to Satish 7 years back who was working in a BPO in Bangalore and I moved to Bangalore and started working in a different BPO with night shifts so that I can spend time with him, life was good where Satish used to work night shifts.

We used to have sex before he leaves to office and once he comes from office. He used to be good in bed but I normally feel that he is exhausted because of his and bad shift, we did not have any kid for 4 years though he ejaculated inside me every time we had sex. Later we consulted a doctor who advice that it is not possible to conceive as Satish has taken lots of Medicines for body building and that has created impotence.

This created depression in Satish’s mind so he never used to ask for sex or initiate it too, he would just wake and take a shower go to office and come back home to sleep and later he started asking for a divorce. I was not happy to leave him in that situation I tried convincing him that it’s ok if we do not have a kid we can still try other medicines to conceive but Satish tried putting the blame on me while talking to his parents saying am infertile.

Even his parents forced me to accept the divorce and I could clearly see that they were planning to get him married to someone else so that they would get a Grandson/daughter. I could not quit my job as I was having a lot of commitments and my parents told me to try and get back to him in the duration court gives. I took a separate.

1 BHK flat and started living by my own thinking someday Satish would get back to me and started smoking due to stress and my friend’s circle that used to smoke. I used to buy 5 cigarettes a day where I used to smoke 3 at office during my breaks and 2 after shift as I used to live alone. I was moved to a different process due to process shut down and got a nice shift to work 1:30 noon to 10:30 in the night.

I used to reach home by cab at 11:10 or 11:15 in the night, as I don’t like messing up my room with the stink of cigarette I used to climb up the stairs and go to the roof to smoke a cigarette and come back to sleep and I sometimes used to see another young guy smoking in the roof when I go on top to smoke at nights but he never used to bother me.

He would just be looking somewhere else busy smoking and would leave the place once his ciggy is done and once I went on top to smoke and found that I forgot to carry the lighter and I saw him smoking on the other corner so I said excuse me can I have light please and he came next to me and politely lit my cigarette with his lighter.

I said thanks to him, he just smiled in return and left the place as his ciggy was almost over from the next day we used to say hai to each other and one night he climbed up to the roof saw me and stood next to me to talk to me. He introduced himself as Robin and he is an anglo from conoor in Tamilnadu and he said that he is working for a software company as a junior programmer.

I introduced myself but I did not tell him that I’m undergoing a divorce process. Me and you seem to be too young what’s your age? Robin: I’m 23 years Kalpana, and he asked me whether a single am, I slowly started to open up saying I’m undergoing a divorce process as my husband wanted a divorce.

Robin felt sorry for me which I never wanted from him, from that day he had a soft corner towards me and he used to spend a little time on roof with me over a smoke, our ciggy counts started growing and we used to smoke 2-3 ciggys at one go while we talk which used to go up till 1:00 in the night.

One night I asked about Robins College life and he said that his college life was too dry as he did BSc Computer Technology in Coimbatore and most of the girls in his class were nerds. I asked Robin are you trying to make a fool out of me, you look so smart you must have had a few girlfriends in and outside the college.

Robin said and yeaaaahhh but it was of no use and I asked him and what do you mean it was of no use with a puzzled face knowing what he actually meant. He said nothing and giggled. I said come on robin what’s it? He still did not open up so I tried a little bit to get things out of him out of curiosity so I asked him.

Tell me Robin, have you kissed any girl? Robin looked at me had a drag of his ciggy and said yeah I have and I told him what more would you want at this age of yours. Robin smilingly said people call me a kiddo, you know why that’s because am still a virgin.

I laughed out loud and tried pulling his legs calling him a kiddo. Though Robin was smiling I could see that he was not happy inside about it, I asked him Robin are you saving your virginity for your future wife. He smilingly said I’m being forced to as I have never got a chance to lose and we both laughed.

I told him that someday he would meet his dream queen and lose it to her. He just smiled; later sometime during our talks I told him that I am undergoing a divorce process. Robin was shocked to hear that and he said how long it’s been and I told him that it’s been almost an year now since we are separated but the divorce has been applied 3 months back.

Robin asked me a question is it not difficult for you to live a married life see all the pleasure and later live without it. I said it’s too very difficult and I feel like am living in a hell and there was silence for some time and later. Robin said and I want to make love to you and I said but why? Robin said not because of sympathy but I like you a lot.

I would love to make love with to know how it actually feels and I said are you sure Robin, don’t you want to save it for your future wife. He said I would feel more proud if I lose it to you. We both kissed each other with so much of love it was a wild smooch where Robin grabbed my hip and we both were standing and kissing each other for quite a long time.

He slowly gripped my ass, gave a little squeeze and slowly moved his hands inside my t-shirt, turned my over and grabbed my little boobs which have already sagged due to my husband’s harsh hands and sucking, he started to squeeze it and smooch me while he was doing it. He slipped his one hand inside me jean and panty and rubbed my trimmed pussy hairs and slowly went deep down to touch the wet pussy.

It was so wet due to his act and I was not able to control it and his penis was rubbing over my ass over the jean and He was losing his control, I again asked Robin and Robin are you sure that you want to lose it to this divorcee? Later don’t regret. Robin said and I would never regret for this rather I would cherish this moment for life.

I was able to see that the time is already 2:00 in the morning and also a few lights in the other building were still on, and Robin was trying to pull my t shirt up to make me half nude. I said Robin not here lets go down to my flat. Robin readily accepted as he shares his flat with a few of his colleagues. We tip toed to my flat opened the door got inside and he started to bounce over me again. I said robin we have all the time as it is a weekend so let’s first have a coffee.

I made a coffee we both were talking about some naughty topics and how my husband used to fuck me and all that, later again I asked him Robin please tell me whether you are sure that you want to lose your virginity to me and Robin said he has made up his mind to lose it to me and I asked how did he dream to have his first love making.

Robin said that he wanted to more like desi kinds. I told him to wait and got into my bedroom wore my wedding saree and sprayed a musk flavoured Deodorant over the bed and screens as I did not have a room spray and I switched off the lights. I called Robin inside the room was only one little light on. He came inside the room and struggle a little bit to find the switched and he switched on the light.

I was able to see the happiness and hunger in Robins eyes he still patiently came near me sat next to me started kissing me and started licking my neck and ears. He smelt my armpits over my blouse and slowly took the pallu off from the blouse and kept looking at my covered boobs for a few seconds. I said what are you looking at Robin, think that this is your first night with this desi lady and do whatever you dreamt of doing.

He never spoke another word were he licked all over the blouse, my red blouse got maroon patches due to his saliva and he pulled out the hooks of my blouse and jus slid the bra up. I felt that Robin does not have any patience to wait anymore he was sucking and squeezing my boobies like a hungry man who did not eat for a week.

He just lifted my saree from the toes up till hips and he spread my legs wide and started touching and feeling it and he kissed it sucked the lips of my pussy and he left his two fingers inside and gave a nice fingering with a little licks and kisses. I just pulled him up removed his jean and brief threw it away but his t shirt was still on.

I gave him a nice blow job I paused and asked Robin how does it feel Robin said heaven, please don’t stop Kalpana please. He was holding my head and pushing my head towards his penis I understood his hunger and did not say a word which would disappoint him. He pushed me on the bed again and he came over me to insert his penis inside my pussy.

He was searching for the right hole to insert and I just held his penis and guided it into the right hole. In three or four strokes he came and felt very disappointed that he came so early. I knew that it normally happens to virgin boys so I told him to chill gave him a little BJ and his penis got erected again after a few minutes I told him Robin now you are ready to go.

Robin got over me and inserted his hard meat into my greasy wet pussy and started moving his hip to and fro and I felt what I was missing this whole year. I closed my eyes for a few minute and was imagining my husband as I was missing him. I told him that I want to feel his body over mine so he removed his t shirt and then started humping me hard.

I was moaning to glory and finally I whispered Baby am cuming am and he rammed his tool faster and got me a very nice orgasm. Later and he told me he is coming, I told him to fill his hot cum inside me and he was so happy to hear that he smooched me while he was doing missionary and he inseminated his sperm inside my vagina and jus lied over my body feeling tired.

We did it 4 more times and he inseminated me all the time, and I told him to get me a pill in the morning like a good boy he woke up at 8:00 in the morning and went to a chemist and got me a pill. He said he needs to get back to his flat before his friends could wake up.

We are still continuing our smoke sessions on the roof and we do have a nice fucking session whenever he feels he wants it or whenever I feel hungry to have sex. We are having sex almost five days a week and the count goes up and above. Robin loves me a lot, and even I love Robin though we both know that we can’t be together. Thanks for reading our story.


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